Fold up the corrugated paperboard after growing up

پنجشنبه 24 خرداد 1397

Many large home appliances are packaged with the upper and lower parts of the package secured with hard packaging, and the exterior uses a high-strength transparent plastic film. In recent years, vacuum blister packaging in China began to be used for the packaging of small electrical products. When the film is heated and softened to a certain degree, the vacuum chuck table is pushed up by the compressed air so that the packaged product comes into contact with the film with the magnetic side of the software, and the vacuum chamber valve is opened at the same time. Depending on the size of the product and the needs of each manufacturer, 3 to 5 products can be placed in a single box..

Go, fold up the corrugated paperboard after growing up to grow into the box shape, stick the interface of the packing box with the tape, namely form the packaging. In recent years, with the development of commodity packaging in the direction of mechanization and automation, manufacturers of thermoforming packaging machinery have developed rapidly. At this point, the air between the product and the film is sucked into the vacuum chamber through the vacuum hole, so that the hot sticky side of the film is tightly adsorbed on the product and the pallet, and then the outer surface of the film is cooled by the fan to cut the excess edge material. The working principle of the vacuum blister packaging is that the thermoplastic composite plastic film is heated and softened by the infrared heating plate, and a prefabricated corrugated cardboard is placed on the vacuum suction table, and the packaged electrical product is placed thereon. Many small household appliances, such as burners, DVDs, EVDs, etc.The main advantages of vacuum blister packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, meeting the requirements of environmental protection green packaging; capable of packaging any special shaped products, packing without additional buffering materials; plastic cutlery manufacturers packaged products being transparently visible , Beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanization, automatic packaging, easy modern management, save manpower, improve efficiency. The protection of packaging materials such as top protection, top protection, and bottom protection has enabled them to comprehensively reflect environmental protection, cost, and business promotion, and has opened up new ways to reduce packaging.

With the rise of plastic flexible packaging, vacuum plastic box packaging is more widely used. Equipment manufacturers., have been packaged in vacuum blister packaging. Vacuum blister packaging is carried out on special packaging machinery. There are many professional vacuum blister packaging at home and abroad. Although the structural form of the blister packaging machine is different, the principle is basically similar. They are aimed at products that only need to protect their edges and corners, and do not need to be packaged in whole, and use paper profiles as their edge protection and corner protection

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